by Weeper

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released August 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Weeper TAS, Australia

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Track Name: Rats
For every rat you see
There are 50 of them

A colony, a plague
That sweeps across the nation
That takes hold, of everything
That takes away from us all

A wasted life it takes
It takes on every day

Bow down before we're forced to

My life finally had meaning
My soul was clear
but it was purged again

My soul was finally clear
Track Name: Teeth
I know it's there
I hear it breathing
The deafening noise of sick blood screaming

On and on i feel a void
Feel a longing
Need hate to keep me interested
But still invested in the thirst for it, i choke
I'll bite my tongue and then immerse in it

These roots they trap my will
I miss the feeling of something deeper
I miss the feeling of a mind that i can call home
Never succumbing to this sicknesses throne

Lay me down inside my dream
The dreams that know me too well
The hope that i grew up feeding off of
The dreams that will, fucking send me straight to hell

No one here can save me now
I've trapped my self in lucid torture

Don't romanticize me when i'm gone
We are all worthless for a reason
our diseases will re-spawn

I am not insane

Lay me to fucking rest
Track Name: Jaundice
I'm taking the easy way out
The bane of life soaks me deep into its loins
I need these shadows as my guide to what to live for
I bask in my ungrateful skin
As I turn on the people I love
Just let this sickness begin

I hate myself, I'm as glowingly shallow as the words I speak
My hand shakes on the trigger as my will to sleep reaches its peak
Im a fucking lost soul

I try and try to be okay with myself
I'm disgusted in my own thirst for help

I don't ask questions because I know where they've been
I seek these lathered sheets
Nights cry violence as cold as I keep
Deep dwindling sleep
I am a free man
Why am I so ungrateful to be here
To love in my skin
To crave in my bones

A life long lived under sky's pale
With hope so reposed and frail
Freedoms a ship my bones will sail
Time has healed the ungrateful eyes I see through
Life is nothing but the blissful grace I once knew
Track Name: Disposed
My ungrateful soul
To love in the purist form
To Revulsion
Continues to breed inside my head

You said that god, promised love will bloom eternally
So ask your god, why his hatred lives inside of me
So ask your god

Hate, had no boundaries for me
I was a hollow man
Eating away at the core of myself

My whole life finished before it started
I'll never get the chance to see through someone else's eyes

I am so sorry
For all that i have done
Sorrow is my only son

I will be disposed

Swayed sun to moon
An instant span
In a lifetime of frayed edges
Time is the shortest strand
I am so sorry
For all that I have done
Track Name: Strain
I try to seep
In to stone
To etch my strain
To feel at home
But still air just dampens me
My lungs it's cave
My lungs it's throne

Feed me my patterned thoughts
Learn from the silence which I was once taught
Never believe in the god that they preach to
Never trust the light that guides or creates you
Praise to the minds that dictate and erase you
Comfort the gun that your head once belonged to

I'm waiting here for my sunrise
I'm waiting here with hundreds of hopes

I am being for others
I am being for me
I am rusting the cage that my mind has trapped in me

What god will save me now
I am a man with no mirror
How do I see myself fall

There's nothing I ever wanted more
Then to breathe on my own
To stand on my feet no ache in my fucking bones

I try
to sleep in my skin
Knowing where I've been
Endless sin
I tear and i tear and i tear at my mind

There's nothing I ever wanted more
Then to breathe on my own
To stand on my feet no ache in my fucking bones